A family business built on solid values

Ceratec employees are committed to delivering on time across Canada, worry-free, fashion-forward ceramic tiles to the value-conscious consumer through our network of retail partners.

Ceratec is a family business
built on solid values.


What we do

At Ceratec, we strive to offer our customers unequaled ease and inspiration. We stay true to our core values and purpose, while embracing the tides of change and paying close attention to market dynamics.

We constantly look for new and efficient ways to support our customers while remaining true to our entrepreneurial spirit and uncompromising values.

Paul Raiche

Our team

We have an in-house team of over 200 employees with offices in seven different cities across Canada. We see our clients as part of our community, and do everything we can to empower them. We believe people create results, not companies, so we work passionately to deliver on our promise for the people that matter to us.