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Representatives of the flooring industry the conquer Kilimanjaro - the return!

Montreal, February 8, 2011 - 7 days of constant effort. Over 90 km walk in sometimes extreme conditions. 9 ambitious men, including our president, M. Paul Raiche, driven by a common will, to push their limits and reach the summit of the legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, the famous mountain in north-eastern Tanzania.

One idea that has snowballed

Launched around a table two years ago, the project of Paul Emard, President of Décor Tapis Emard and Nobel Floor in Laval, just became real. In fact, from January 10 to 18 this year, Mr. Emard and eight other representatives of the floor covering industry, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

"I had envisioned this project for a while already," mentioned Paul Emard. "So when I launched the idea, several people have expressed their interest and our group was formed quickly. Business competitors in some cases, brothers, father or son in others, this adventure has been for us an opportunity to get in shape and to develop new friendships. "

The group was formed by Paul and Jean-Jacques Emard, respectively president and vice president of Décor Tapis Emard and Nobel Floor; Denis Lanctôt, President of Lanctôt flooring and design, and his son Marc-Olivier Paul Green, director of sales at Shnier; Paul Raiche, president of Ceratec; Louis Clermont, representing at Shnier; Normand Morneau, representative of Centura, and Jean Ste-Marie, President, at Verdun doors and windows, branches South Shore.

A long preparation

For one year, participants have trained individually and in groups to prepare for this grueling trek. "Before we embark on this adventure," says Denis Lanctot, "each of us had to prepare physically, trekking, the gym, ride a bike, stop smoking ... The challenge was great and we were aware. "

To complete his training, the group had also done some hiking, especially to Mount Tremblant, Mount Lafayette and Mount Washington in New Hampshire. "Compared to Mount Washington, Mount Kilimanjaro is not known to be difficult to climb technically," said Paul Raiche. "It is the lack of oxygen, which represented the biggest challenge to overcome, it seemed. "

The adventure of a lifetime

Conducted almost entirely in the pouring rain, the ascent has been as difficult as expected by the participants. "Go over all the difficulties, including headaches and sleep deprivation, has been particularly difficult. I was impressed by the positive attitude of my colleagues and their ability to help and encourage each other as brothers. "Commented Mr. Jean Ste-Marie.

Seven of the nine members of the group finally reached the summit. "It seems that an average of 80% of people who attempted the climb reach the summit. Our group has not been spared and I want to acknowledge the courage shown by our two colleagues who, despite the pain and the various hardships they have endured, persevered, almost to the end, "commented Paul Raiche.

What are the participants going to remember from that experience? "That we're extremely fortunate to live in Canada and that a group can achieve any goal, when animated by a common goal. More importantly, it is not so much the destination that counts, but the road that leads there, "says Paul Green.

Two weeks after his return, what is the group next adventure? "You have to ask Paul and Jean-Jacques Emard! "Concluded, Normand Morneau, laughing.

On the picture :

1st row, in the center : M. Paul Émard

2nd row, from left to right : Marc-Olivier Lanctôt, Denis Lanctôt, Louis Clermont, Paul Raiche, president of Ceratec, Jean Ste-Marie, Normand Morneau, Jean-Jacques Émard et Paul Green.

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