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The new Monet Collection: Exclusive and unrivaled!
Ceratec recently launched a new collection aimed at the upscale market.

Monet is an exclusive and timeless collection created through partnerships with some of the most prestigious Italian and Spanish ceramic tile manufacturers. Each series in this collection was carefully created to meet the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and design.

Carefully selected dealers

“The Monet Collection is for consumers who truly appreciate distinctive, quality products. It will be available through no more than 150 Canadian dealers selected for their thorough understanding of the ceramic tile market and their expertise in design and installation,” states Paul Raiche, President and CEO of Ceratec.

The search for the right dealers began recently, and the first displays of Monet Collection products were delivered in June. “We will continue to meet with select dealers in the coming months, but we’re already thrilled by the reaction of our business partners to this new collection,” he adds.

Outstanding and coveted series

Made with the latest ceramic tile manufacturing technology, the Monet Collection features highly innovative and cutting-edge designs. “We’ve selected products that offer something new in terms of size, color, texture, or finish,” states Michèle Gamache, Manager, Product Selection and Presentation.

“So far, the Monet Collection has received universal acclaim from clients and consumers alike. Everyone agrees these products are breathtaking,” she adds. Powerful sales tools

Presented in chic, modern displays and accompanied by elegant and practical sales tools, this new collection opens a whole new marketing chapter for Ceratec. “We will soon be launching a new website and a new media campaign aimed at end users to provide marketing support to dealers registered with the Monet Program. We’ve never done anything like this before, but this collection and our business partners are worth it,” states Gamache.

For more information on this exclusive collection, visit the Monet Collection page. To purchase these high-end products, click here.

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