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Our history

About Ceratec

Ceratec employees are committed to delivering on time across Canada, worry-free, fashion-forward ceramic tiles to the value-conscience consumer through our network of retail partners.

Ceratec is a family business built on solid values.
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency

Ceratec: Dedicated to ceramic tiles for close to 65 years

1949: Ceratec is founded under the name St. Lawrence Ceramics.

1950s: St. Lawrence Ceramics concentrates on manufacturing ceramic tiles, opening branches in a number of Canadian provinces.

1970s: St. Lawrence Ceramics focuses on distributing ceramic tiles. Its manufacturing experience is a valuable asset in selecting quality flooring its customers appreciate.

1973: St. Lawrence Ceramics changes its name to Ceratec. This shorter name is easier to remember in French and in English.

Early 1980s: Ceratec VP Jean-Paul Raiche acquires the company.

1983: Nevamar, a U.S. manufacturer based in Odenton, Maryland, approaches Ceratec to distribute its stratified products. By the late 80s, Nevamar accounts for a significant portion of the Ceratec product range.

Mid-1980s: Ceratec truly becomes a family business with Curtis Raiche as president, Peter and Ken Raiche working in sales, and Paul Raiche eventually joining in IT.

1990s: Ceratec takes off. Curtis Raiche’s leadership brings renewed vigor to ceramic tile distribution operations. The company grows from 60 employees to well over 150.

2001: Ceratec stops distributing Nevamar plastic laminate products.

2002: Ceratec expands into western Canada, opening a distribution center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2002: The Dartmouth branch in Nova Scotia is relocated to a modern and spacious building.

2003: Ceratec builds new facilities in Vaudreuil, Quebec, to meet growing demand for our tiles in the Greater Montreal area.

2004: The Ottawa, Ontario branch relocates to a new building to meet consumer needs.

2005: A new distribution center is opened in Calgary, Alberta.

2007: Paul Raiche, son of Jean-Paul, becomes president of Ceratec. Curtis, Ken, and Peter retire. Peter sells his shares to his three brothers.

2009: Ceratec closes and sells its retail location in Vaudreuil. Our central distribution center is re-fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and racking. A warehouse management system with handheld units drives our pick error rate down to .14% (14 errors per 10,000 picks).

2010: Ceratec focuses on building a solid B2B position as a wholesaler supplying channel partners such as full-flooring retailers, specialty shops, home centers, and commercial markets.

2011: We promise our clients no backorders and achieve a fill rate of over 98%.

2012: A two-year sales restructuring project starts. Our objective is to build a dynamic sales force that will assist our channel partners in reaching their goals.

2013: Ceratec undertakes a cultural shift toward a client-centered perspective with the intent of helping our channel partners grow their business. We are a learning organization with an agile approach.

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