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Futura  by  CVS

Ceramic : Comes in single, double and even triple-fired white clay and or red clay depending on the country of origin. They can be used for floor or wall installations.

Porcelain: Ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% that are used to cover floors and walls. They can either be unglazed or glazed.

Stone: A product of nature. A stone such as marble, limestone, slate, travertine, or sandstone that is not artificial or man-made. Glass: pieces of glass formed into consistent shapes, very popular in mosaic sheets.

Wall or Floor covering.

Area where the tiles can be installed.

Real dimensions of the tiles.

Rectification is an extra step in the manufacturing process that produces tiles with the same dimensional characteristics. The major advantage of this operation is to lay the tiles with nearly no joints (at least 2 mm). This explains why a rectified tile is more expensive than the same tile that is non-rectified.

Abrasion resistance is the capacity of the glazed surface to resist wear caused by foot traffic or abrasion caused by mechanical equipment (lifts, trucks, etc.). The wear action is strictly linked to the type of mechanical agent (rubber sole, leather sole, etc.), the material carried onto the surface (water, sand, mud, etc.) and is classified into five categories depending on the areas it is to be used in:

PEI I Very light traffic with soft sole shoes, without abrasive dirt.

PEI II Moderate light traffic without foot stamping, ex: bathrooms and bedrooms without direct access from outside into apartments or houses.

PEI III Normal medium traffic, with moderate foot stamping. Ex: hotel bathrooms, all detached house and apartment rooms with the exception of kitchens and common areas of the building.

PEI IV Significant traffic, with normal foot stamping, except for areas with preferential passage or heavy foot stamping. Ex: all rooms of a house or building, hotel entrances, restaurants, offices, boutiques.

PEI V Tiles for areas with especially intense traffic. A tile is considered PEI V when it shows no wear after being subjected to the Surface Abrasion test where it is rotated 12,000 times with an abrasive material. (Ex: shopping mall entrances, metro entrances...)

The dimension through the tile as opposed to its length or width.

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